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I’ll just say it. The interior design and construction industries are seeing some major effects from the pandemic. With the infamous world shutdown in March 2020, our supply chains have not been the same since. The supply chain delays and labor shortages have affected interior design project timelines, which means designers, clients, and builders (along with many others) have had to pivot. This Architectural Digest article explains the issues that have arrived since the pandemic. Hopefully it sheds some light on how our entire industry has been affected and what you can expect if you are planning to do a project in these ever-changing times! 

If you’re thinking of starting your new design project, here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive from prospective design clients, as well as my current interior design project timeline to help you plan accordingly. 

Lindye Galloway Dining Room Set Up - Timeless Design
Q: We’ve been at home for over a year now and spending more time at home has made us realize we are ready to invest in making changes. We are ready for a major remodel/renovation. When would a fully-custom design project be done with J. Reiko?

J. Reiko Design + Co. operates on a first come, first serve basis.  We are currently booking design project start dates for January 2022. These are dates to begin the design process , but an entire project can take anywhere from 2 months to 4 months to complete the design process depending on the scope of the project. 

A good rule of thumb for the entire industry is as follows: hire a designer roughly 6 months before you want to start construction (design and permitting takes time!), and at least 9 months before you want to be finished with a furniture/styling project (lead times are crazy). 

If you are interested in booking with J. Reiko Design + Co, first look at my portfolio to see if our style and approach is a good fit for you. You can head to the process page to see more on what a full custom design project entails. There are many steps to the process – not to mention other contractors you may need to engage so it’s NEVER too early to start planning. 

project timelines at J. Reiko Design & Co. based in Ft. Collins Colorado and Denver, Colorado
Q: What is the first step if I want to start a new interior design project in my home? 

Design is the first step – so I’m glad you’re here! The design and creative direction will drive the rest of the process. Having a plan and design direction will dictate what the next steps are and what other contractors need to be involved. If you are interested in working together, the first step is to fill out an inquiry form. If we are a good fit after discussing the details of your project – a signed contract and retainer will secure your start date on my calendar.

After you hire a designer, we can help with compiling your team. Depending on the scope of your project, it may be necessary to involve an architect, structural engineer, and general contractor (builder). 

planning your interior design project or renovation in Denver, Colorado or Ft. Collins
Q: I’ve heard things are just crazy with design/remodel  projects + supply chain issues. Is this true?

In short, yes. The design and construction industries have seen longer lead times and higher price tags associated with required materials. There is definitely a shortage, which can extend the construction material timeline and affect when those materials arrive. Unfortunately, we don’t foresee this changing in the near future. It is just something we have to navigate as it comes. 

Custom interior design and home renovation timelines in Denver, Colorado
Q: With interior design project timelines being extended, is it worth it to wait it out? Or should we look into buying a new home? 

Now this one is a loaded question, but let me be honest with you — the housing market is even more unpredictable than the design/construction industry right now. That’s in part why our industry is so busy. People are choosing between renovating their current home or buying a new house in a market with low inventory which means high competition. The problem is, demand is high, while the housing inventory is incredibly low. Many houses require thousands of dollars over the asking price and a very competitive offer to even be considered. 


With that being said, for many homeowners right now – it’s currently more ideal to renovate their current home than put it on the market. Best case scenario if this is your situation is to begin your design as far in advance as possible. Ideally, the project will be fully designed and long-lead items will all be ordered before the first hammer swings. I’ve found we are in a really good position if the space is designed, specifications are set, and orders are already going before any demo takes place. If you rush to demo, but are then held up during construction, you will be living in a home that is torn apart for far longer than is necessary. Patience and planning up front will ultimately make your project go smoother during construction. 

fully custom home renovation and interior design project timelines in Denver, Colorado
Q: Is it too early to look now if I’m still saving money? 

It is never too early to start looking at your interior design project timeline. Your designer may not have availability to start your project for a few months, so it’s better to book sooner than later if you have an ideal date you’d like your design to be started/finished. Not to mention, it may take some time to build your team and get through permitting with your local jurisdictions. 

If you are ready to begin your design project with J. Reiko Design + Co, or if you are interested in talking about your options, you can fill out my contact form and we can set up a discovery call to discuss the details of your project. 

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