Cabinet Hardware Trends to Watch For


So you’re doing a kitchen renovation? There are many details that will need to be picked out… cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and an often overlooked detail: cabinet hardware. The abundance of decisions to be made can leave you feeling overwhelmed. To help ease the pain, today I’m sharing what’s trending in cabinet hardware for 2021.


Choosing the right cabinet hardware can make or break a design, so take your time to consider it. If you’re struggling with your home design, I offer virtual design services so you can have your dream home and not worry about navigating the decision fatigue. 


cabinet hardware trends

Current Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

  • Matte and brass finishes are extremely popular right now. They offer a smooth, sophisticated finish to your design. 
  • Satin brass finishes give you a smooth but classy look. It can add that subtle touch of warmth to a primarily neutral space. 
  • Mixing and matching knobs and pulls. This is very popular as of late! If you want to mix it up and create a diverse home design. Consider mixing your knobs and pulls but make sure it still flows with your design. This combination tends to lean a bit more traditional so steer clear if you are trying to go more modern/contemporary. Make sure the different finishes are consistent or thoughtfully paired throughout your home design. (If you need help mixing metals, check out my blog here!)
  • Square bar pulls instead of tubular – Offers a tailored, modern look.
  • An up and coming cabinet trend is integrated cabinet pulls (sometimes called “channel pulls”). These cabinets have a channel integrated into the cabinet door so it doesn’t require any hardware.

Matte black is trending in all forms of hardware. Matte black plays nicely with most other finishes which makes it an easy go-to. It is a classic + modern look that I think will be here to stay. Because it works well in almost every design style and compliments so many other finishes – it is timeless.

cabinet hardware trends in 2021

Modern hardware is a great way to update your home design without breaking the bank. In fact, it’s very common to replace the face of the cabinets and swap out hardware vs. putting all new cabinets in. It can completely transform the space in an affordable way! Stay tuned  to see the Heartstrong Court project that will be revealed in November where we did just that. 


Brass is also making a MAJOR comeback. I am not talking about polished brass (which does look great on black cabinets) but more the satin and brushed brass finishes. It is great at off-setting cool tones and can add warmth to many spaces. Brass comes in many different finishes including: matte, satin, brushed, polished, and living (a natural finish that patinas with age). Although I love brass, it can offer some additional design challenges (Read more about this on my blog about mixing metals here!)

What Cabinet Hardware Should I Choose?

You’ll hear all kinds of advice on this. If you are going for a combination, I usually recommend pulls for drawers, and knobs for doors. It all truly hinges on your personal preference. If you want integrated cabinet pulls, and you think you don’t need the look of the hardware, then go for it. If you want to mix and match the cabinet hardware, go for it. There is no “golden rule” to cabinet hardware, besides considering it in your overall design. 


If you are DIYing your cabinets, however, I would suggest that if you are replacing hardware on pre-drilled cabinets and drawers, that you stick with new hardware that is sized the same otherwise you will have to do some patchwork and filling (feasible on painted cabinets, no so much on stained cabinets).If your existing cabinets have knobs, you can use that hole and drill an additional hole which allows you to install pulls instead of knobs with no additional patchwork. (Pro tip: use a hole template before drilling for any hardware.)

cabinet hardware trends

Some Last Minute Thoughts on Cabinet Hardware 

Figuring out what to choose can be a struggle and very overwhelming if you want to get just the right look. I always recommend buying samples of the hardware options you are considering before making your final decision…seeing and feeling them in person will help you make the right choice before it’s too late. 

As they say  – the devil is in the details – cabinet hardware is exactly that. Have fun with it and make it uniquely yours! 

If you need help with your home design, I am here for you! Book a discovery call here. 

Want more design advice? Head to my blog for more on mixing metals, hardwood flooring, countertops and so much more! 


cabinet hardware

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