I can’t believe we’re over halfway through summer! Like where did the time go? I say this every year I swear, but this summer feels like it’s flown by. As I am incredibly busy with current projects, and upcoming projects, I wanted to sit down and draft a list for you of what I have been enjoying during my downtime this summer. 

In case you are new here, hi! I am Jenny – an interior designer in northern Colorado. I serve the greater Fort Collins area, but also can style your home from anywhere! If you’re curious on what working with me could look like, head over to my services page to get a feel for my process. 


Now, let’s get to these summer favorites of mine. 

miller lane mercantile. a local shop I recommend as an interior designer in denver

Food & Drink

You guys… I have been living for this summer salad. It is SO refreshing and filling, yet still makes me feel great. It’s so simple and easy to make at home. Essentially, it’s a grapefruit and avocado salad with arugula greens as the base, and an olive oil drizzle on the top. Sooo refreshing! 

miller lane mercantile. a local shop I recommend as an interior designer in denver

Source: Fillmore Kitchen

My favorite drink of summer has been this watermelon mint lemonade. While I love being an interior designer in Denver, it can get really hot here. I was looking for an incredibly refreshing drink for summer and let me tell you…this drink is IT! It is fresh and simple. If you want to make it a summer cocktail, it pairs excellently with gin! 

miller lane mercantile. a local shop I recommend as an interior designer in denver

Source: Spices in my DNA

Lately, I have spent my time enjoying a drink or meal out on the deck. This time has been so nice simply looking out at our pond and enjoying the calamity of nature. When I need some quiet time, this has been my spot. We’ve also used this deck to share memories with friends + family (including our furry friends!). It’s been so nice to gather outside together over a drink or some snacks and just talk and laugh! Sometimes the simplest moments are the best moments! 

J. Reiko Design - a Fort Collins interior designer showing her summer favorites

And of course, you can’t live in Denver and NOT go to some local breweries! I’ve really enjoyed going to local breweries with family and friends. Something we like to do is ride our bikes from brewery to brewery. It’s the perfect brewery tour option in FoCo. Odell has been my favorite local brewery this summer. They have beautiful outdoor patio seating! 

My Go-To Summer Fashion

summer fashion from an interior designer in fort collins

Like I said, it’s so hot here in Colorado during the summer. I wear croc sandals and native flats all summer long. They’re durable, cute, and super functional. I love that I can wear them in almost any circumstance and I can easily clean them off if need be. I’m honestly just really happy they make cute and comfortable crocs that don’t look like crocs! 

You will find me wearing Lululemon speed shorts most summer days. They are so comfortable and feel light. They are my go-to workout shorts, but I also like that you can put on a cute t-shirt and sandals and dress it up a bit. It’s the perfect outfit for when you want to grab coffee at a local shop and walk around! 

Abercrombie & Fitch’s Sunday shorts have been soo nice to wear around this summer. They are high waisted and lightweight. I love the waistband on them. Usually I paired them with a crop tank or tee. 


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Summer Activities

Cedar and Hyde in Colorado.

Lately I’ve been happy and content floating down the Poudre River. With a drink in hand, I’ve enjoyed bathing in the sun on a tube and splashing around when it gets too hot! I highly recommend it to anyone in the FoCo area. 


I’ve also taken some time to camp this summer! My boyfriend and I just returned from camping in Oregon and in Steamboat Springs. We had a blast paddle boarding, canoeing, and soaking up the great outdoors! 

Favorite things to do in summer as an interior designer in Fort Collins, CO

Plants and Flowers

I love to forage, and it’s particularly the most fun in summer! Lately I’ve been enjoying the slow time of going on a walk with a basket and clippers in hand and picking out some wildflowers. When I get home, I like to make simple arrangements and place them in vases around the house. There’s something so satisfying about finding and picking out your own flowers. My favorite flowers lately are Yarrow and Milkweed. Definitely one of my favorite hobbies this summer! 

J. Reiko Design Summer Favorites as an interior designer in Fort Collins

Books, Shows, and Songs

  • I’ve been binging Season 3 of Virgin River on Netflix and have LOVED it so far. If you haven’t watched Virgin River yet, it’s a must this summer! 

  • I listen to a lot of Cody Francis and Marcus King…and Alan Jackson (always a summertime guilty pleasure). I love to have a summer playlist ready to-go for my work commutes during the week. 

  • I’ve also been digging some really great design books that I will link below. 


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J. Reiko Design Summer Favorites as an interior designer in Fort Collins

If you’re wanting some more summer inspiration, here are  few of my favorite IG profiles as of late: 

  • @stevecordony —-his flower/branch arrangements and style is on point!
  • @philosophyofleisure —  great reminders to slow down and enjoy life  
  • @tiffanyleighdesign — one of my favorite designers, she just bought a lake house so it has been fun to watch her remodel journey!