Collaboration is the key. 

Our goal is to help you cultivate and define your intrinsic style and then marry that with the integral and storied nature of your home.

By approaching your project with a holistic understanding of your day-to-day life and what is sacred to you – we’ll create a design that’s timeless-to-you, improves the functionality of your home, and ultimately promotes your well-being and joy.

The Process

For Full-Service Design

– work with me –

client-centric  |  holistic vision  |  collaborative 

Guiding you throughout your project from the process of planning + design through implementation + construction.


Service Menu

Full-Service Design

Who is it for?

A true turn-key service – leave it to the pros.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or remodeling – this service is tailored to your specific project. Handling all of the design and coordination, I’ll collaborate with your builder or help you create a team of trusted trade professionals that will ensure the success of your project from start to finish.

>>  Serving Colorado + local areas. Full-Service available nationwide,  additional travel fees will apply.

When to book?

  • As Soon as Possible
    • Good design takes time
    • Successful construction comes from proper planning
  • Budget must be established prior to booking

What do you get?

  • Space Planning
  • Fixed-Finish Selections
  • Construction Documentation
    • For getting cost/schedule estimates for build/remodel
    • Or permitting with your jurisdiction
  • Support Throughout Construction
    • Includes site visits + collaboration with builder/trade partners
  • Optional to Add-On:
    • Furniture + Styling 
    • To create a move-in ready home
The Process

Furniture + Styling

Who is it for?

Custom-Curated and All About the Details.

Book stand-alone or add-on to a Full-Service Design Package. Perfect for those who have just completed a remodel, finished building a new home, or are simply ready for a refresh. You’ll receive options for different furniture layouts with foundational pieces as well as curated details that deeply personalize your space.

When to book?

  • For Full-Service Packages  |  Mention at Time of Booking
  • Ready for a Refresh  |  Once Budget is Defined
  • Under-Construction or Moving In  |  As Soon as Possible
  • Budget Must be Established Prior to Booking
    • Good design takes time
    • Successful installation comes from proper planning

What do You Get?

  • Furniture Space Planning + Layouts
  • Selection of Furniture, Styling Accessories + Art
  • Ordering, Procurement + Installation
The Process
Neutral and bright artistic photo of decorative grasses with Jenny Murphy out of focus in the background flipping through interior design documents


No questions are silly questions. Need to know more?
When is the best time to enlist the services of a designer?

The earlier the better. Design is the first phase of any project. We (designer + homeowner) create the initial vision for your space – so the sooner I am involved the better. I'll collaborate with your builder or help you create a team of trusted trade professionals that will ensure the success of your project from start to finish.

Other professionals might include but aren’t limited to: architects, structural engineers, financial lenders, builders/contractors. I can also recommend professionals that I trust and have built long-standing relationships with, so you don’t have to worry about the vetting process.

Will you work with my existing contractor or trade people that I have worked with in the past?

Absolutely! If you have professionals that you know and trust with your project, I am more than happy to work with them.

I love meeting new companies and people that provide exceptional quality of work and a positive experience for their clients – I am always looking to build my professional network.

Is my project too small? What if I need help with some random odds + ends?

I am happy to help matter the scope of their project! I can perform services under an hourly design agreement so you can customize what you want help with… even if it is just a one-hour consultation to pick a paint color or a quick walk-through for some overall design advice.

How involved will I have to be in the design process?

This depends on the client... Some clients like to be very hands-on and others would prefer to leave everything in my capable hands, knowing I will remove the stress and decisions from their plate.

I value my client's ideas and input which ensure the space will reflect their needs and lifestyle. My approach is personalized for each project to ensure it is an enjoyable collaboration where my clients feel guided throughout the entire project. 

Who are your typical clients?

I work with a wide variety of people and believe good design should be made accessible to all.

My clients see value in the creative process, overall experience, and the benefits of working with a professional designer. These clients are ready to make decisions and willing to invest in what they truly want their home to look and feel like. 

The common thread is that they all desire a home that will be their sanctuary; one that will complement their lifestyle and taste.


What cities do you work in?

My typical project is in the Denver Metro area or Northern Colorado (Front Range). I do take on out-of-town and out-of-state full-service design projects on a case by case basis, travel fees will apply. 

Virtual Design services are available for Furniture + Styling – there are no boundaries.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

Interior Decorators  |  Typically focus on the decorative elements of a home, such as: paint color, furniture, décor, window treatments, bedding etc.

Interior Designers  |  As well as the items mentioned above, interior designers typically have a formal education and knowledge of interior architecture principles, drafting skills, general building code guidelines. They are also responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its users.

Interior Designers with a Design+Build Background... AKA Me
With a Bachelor's degree of Human Science: Interior Design, most of my working experience has been in design + build which has given me exposure and insight into the architectural and construction process. Many designers stay in the world of interior design and furnishings, but half of my world has always been construction.

By approaching the project with this holistic vision, I am taking into account not only how things will look, but understanding how they can be built/implemented, and how it will ultimately affect the lives of those that use the space when it is completed.

I have a process, product knowledge, and eye for curating their space from start to finish (architectural design through fixed finish specification and wrapping up with furniture + styling).