Ways to Spruce Up Your Exterior + Curb Appeal


Well, we’re over half way through summer. Where did the time go?! I have been buried in new client projects, while also finishing up current projects. On the weekends in between I’ve enjoyed summer cookouts, going out with family and friends, and soaking up the Colorado sun. 


With it being the heart of summer, I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss ideas for your curb appeal for the upcoming months, as the exterior of your home is always your first chance to make an impression! 

how to enhance your curb appeal and spruce up your exterior

Implement Simple Changes

Change the exterior

What I want to first recommend for enhancing your curb appeal is sprucing on your exterior with new paint! A nice new fresh coat of paint can seriously make all the difference. If you are tired of how the exterior looks, try a completely new color. I personally love a fresh light color, with a pop of bold color on the door. I have also been lusting after all of those all-black exteriors, but maintenance on that is our dry climate and full-sun would be a bit too much for me to take on. A fresh coat of paint looks so clean, and is an easy and affordable way to instantly boost curb appeal. 

ways to spruce up your exterior. Simple ways to change your exterior and enhance curb appeal


Another idea for curb appeal is buying new house numbers. It’s so important to have house numbers that are the right size, font, and are in the right place. The numbers should be easily visible from the street and are most commonly placed near the door. As far as a font goes, this is where I like to nerd-out. Take cues from your home’s architecture and style. If you have a traditional home, stick with a serif font or create classic address plaque. If you are going more modern, use sans serif address numbers. The font you choose really dictates the style of your home more than you would think. 


Spruce up your exterior with some new throw pillows to your outdoor chairs, or put in some new pots and planters on the front porch and steps. During the holiday season, add in a fresh wreath on your door. Adding in some fresh flowers and greenery can really make a place look transformed on the outside!


ways to spruce up your exterior and enhance curb appeal. start by changing your house numbers


If you already like your house color, and furniture, consider adding in a few pieces for enhancement. Depending on the kind of house, I recommend adding some window shutters and flower boxes underneath the windows. This can give your home exterior more depth and make your home feel more welcoming. It’s personally one of my favorite enhancements to an exterior and my favorite idea for curb appeal. 


I also recommend changing up your light fixtures! Adding in some decorative sconces for your garage and porch lighting can really spruce up your home exterior and make it feel more modern and updated.

enhance curb appeal by changing your light fixtures. Getting new sconces

Invest in Landscaping

If you are looking for some major changes to your curb appeal, you may want to consider a new landscaping project. Landscaping sets the stage and becomes the backdrop for your home and life. It is also an opportunity to take advantage of the square footage you have and optimize it whether you are all about the way it looks or if you are wanting to incorporate outdoor living spaces to enjoy…it’s all up to you! 


In my experience, it’s best to hire a professional for your landscaping project. They will be familiar with your kind of soil and climate and provide you with the best plants and trees for your yard. You’ll have the freedom to work collaboratively on the design, while still reaping the benefits of a professional service who saves you the headache and ultimately the money from trying to DIY your landscaping! 

invest in landscaping and enhance your curb appeal

Looking for more ideas? You can see more of my recommendations on the blog here! If you are interested in hiring an interior designer for your home project for 2022, check out my portfolio, and schedule a discovery call with me here!

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