Designer Jenny Murphy learning about sketching schematic floor plans.

Jenny Reiko Murphy

creative director  |  wellness advocate  |  animal lover

Why Reiko? It is my middle name! I’m half Japanese and Reiko is a common Japanese name (pronounced ray-co).

I have a holistic take on interior design coming from a background of working for design + build firms for many years. Our process guides clients through not only design but also construction.

We believe good design (of any kind) has the capability to improve people’s lives and well-being. With regard to interiors, we curate spaces that are beautifully refined and remain true to the nature/spirit of the existing home. Focusing on function + well-being,  our mindful approach produces highly personalized spaces that cater to your soul.

Jennifer Murphy the interior designer behind J.Reiko Design + Co sitting on the floor with her Bernese Mountain dog named Moby.

Meet the J. Reiko Team

Madi Travitz

Junior Interior Designer 


My water bottle + my planner

Watching (+ rewatching) NCIS

Jenny Murphy

Founder + Lead Interior Designer 

Yogi Positive Energy Tea

All of the fur babies – my dog, cat + chickens

Sour candy + 90’s music

Kelsey Vik

Junior Interior Designer 

Decaf Coffee

My dog, Hank!

Trader Joe’s ice cream sandwiches

How it all began

A little love for design can go a long way…

Jenny was always been fascinated by living spaces. Growing up in rural Colorado, she remembers making mud forts outside as a child and obsessing over how they were laid out and what they would be used for.

Little did she know – that even then – she had realized the importance of functionality in the home. A home is such a key element in anyone’s life. By making spaces beautiful, functional, and meaningful to the user, we have the power to dramatically change lives for the better.

Here at J. Reiko – we curate interiors and find purposeful solutions that foster well-being, joy, and conscious living from the outside in.

J. Reiko Design + Co's owner and interior designer Jenny Murphy sitting on the ground creating  floor plans for her client
Black and white close-up image of a schematic interior design being drawn by Jennifer Murphy