My Top 5 Local Shops in Denver as an Interior Designer


As an interior designer in Denver, Colorado, I have the opportunity to explore many different shops in the area when I am looking to style + furnish a home. I love being able to help my clients select thoughtful items – ones that speak to their souls. It’s these pieces that add to the lifestyle layer of any space and that is precisely what makes a house…a home.  


Within the interior design industry, there has been some major momentum to prioritize sustainability and limit our ecological impact. Needless to say, I’m on board! At J. Reiko Design + Co., a lot of care goes into choosing meaningful items for your home. Quality over quantity is the mantra.


With that being said, I have the opportunity to pick out sustainable items that are the high-quality (preferably handmade by local artisans) and of course ones that have a beautiful aesthetic. I choose to find local items that support our sustainability mission at J. Reiko Design + Co. because I find shopping local to be of equal importance! My favorite thing is partnering with like-minded business owners who also care about sustainability and thoughtfully-curated items. It’s always a joy to support  these shops and connect them with my clients and community. 


Here are my favorite local design shops that I love to visit regularly in Denver + Boulder.

1. Miller Lane Mercantile

miller lane mercantile. a local shop I recommend as an interior designer in denver

Miller Lane Mercantile definitely makes it on to my top 5 list. They are a local Denver shop that focuses on celebrating ‘simple goods for slow living’. Who doesn’t love that?! They provide beautifully-crafted items that are eco-friendly too. Miller Lane Mercantile sells kitchenware, ceramics, home decor, women’s accessories, stationery, and more. 


I love their mission here – it really resonates with me and my style. My favorite part about this shop is how thoughtful each piece is. It’s really meant to give you pieces that encourage gathering and making memories together. When I am designing a home,  I can almost always find a cherished statement piece, or handcrafted gift from Miller Lane Mercantile! 

2. The Conifer Shop

The Conifer Shop is a local apothecary in Denver, Colorado

Next on the list is The Conifer Shop. This shop is located in Denver and is new to the area. They offer thoughtfully-curated small goods from sustainably sourced artists – many of which the shop owners know-well! The Conifer Shop focuses on supporting small good makers + fostering community, while also encouraging sustainable practices! They offer apothecary goods, greenhouse goods, kitchen goods, jewelry, living goods + more! My personal favorite is the Novo ceramics tumbler. I love the neutral texture, and that it’s made with love right here in Denver!


3. Cedar + Hyde Mercantile

Cedar and Hyde in Colorado.

Next up on the list is Cedar + Hyde Mercantile. This shop located in Boulder, CO is your “Modern Mercantile”. They offer everything from clothing, jewelry and accessories, to living, kitchen + bath decor. While I adore almost every product they sell, that’s actually not why I love them the most. What I love most about Cedar + Hyde is their focus on environmental + health issues in America. They care deeply about providing naturally-made, sustainable home goods that support and empower local business owners. 


This shop is chock-full of great maker-made items for your home or for gifting. They really focus on slow-living here and place priority on carefully choosing items that will bring joy + comfort into your home. Quality is definitely at the heart of this modern mercantile! Go visit, you won’t be disappointed. 

4. Modern Nomad

Modern nomad is a vendor shop featuring local vendors who sell a variety of mercantile

Up next is Modern Nomad. This shop is located in Denver in the RiNO neighborhood. It’s a modern warehouse comprising of 10 small businesses each with a section in the store. They are all locally-owned and self-funded first time businesses. It is known as Denver’s “It” destination where shoppers can mingle, dwell and be inspired. 


Modern Nomad supports a modern aesthetic that fits right in with our style here at  J. Reiko Design + Co. As an interior designer in Denver, it’s important that I find and support local shops that align with my eye. I love to collaborate with like-minded businesses and the Modern Nomad is hands down one of my favorites to shop and support!

5. The Guest House Shop

The Guest House Shop offers items for home decor and prioritizes sustainable design practices

The Guest House Shop – While most of their business model focuses on staging homes in real estate, they also have a shop that promotes and sells local maker’s goods. Their selection and styling is always on point, so go ahead and follow their Instagram for a constant flow of design inspiration! 


It’s a great shop with a huge online selection. I love being able to connect them with local homeowners. I am always looking for ways to connect my clients to other related industries so we can all grow together + support our local community. The Guest House Shop is definitely my go-to recommendation for staging + photography needs when it comes to putting a house on the market…and an inspiring design shop to top it off.  


If you like some of these local shops, check out some of my projects like the Crabapple Project. 


Interested in furniture + styling services? I offer both in-person and virtual! You can check it out on my services page


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