My Guide to Pet-Friendly + Kid-Friendly Rugs


We all know that rugs add a lot to any space. They add texture, dimension and help define rooms. Rugs give you all of the hygge cozy vibes. But life with kids and pets can make having rugs difficult. Luckily, there are many options for durable, washable and easy-to-care for rugs. Here’s my guide to shopping pet-friendly + kid-friendly rugs.

Washable Rugs

Created with pets and kids in mind, these rugs are genius.  With companies like Ruggable,  simply remove the rug from the velcro-like rug pad and toss it into your washing machine. They tout stain resistance and washability as their key selling points which would make any pet parent or human parent happy! The best part, they have so many designs to choose from and once you have the rug-pad, you can purchase as many rug-tops as you want–change up your style as often as you want!

Washable Rug from Ruggable

Look for Durable + Natural Fibers

Jute and Sisal are durable, natural fibers.
  • Jute fibers are softer, finer & will be slightly more comfortable under foot
  • However, Sisal absolutely wins in the durability department.
Wool is another great durable option
  • Wool naturally repels moisture and stains. You can easily vacuum most dirty messes up with a wool rug.
  • Although wool might not be as durable or cleanable as others on this list, it does make for a great family-friendly option – especially for those wanting to stick to organically derived fibers.
Chunky Wool Rug in a natural beachy bedroom from Pottery Barn

Modular Rugs

Carpet tiles have been used extensively in commercial design for years, but companies like Flor are bringing all of their benefits to our homes.

Creating rugs with modular carpet tiles not only allows you to fully customize the colors/textures/patterns, but also the size. The best part is that each tile can be removed to be washed or replaced… instead of having to wash or replace the entire rug – win! Available in tons of colors and patterns, these are great rugs for kids that can grow and change with them.

Modular Rug with Hard Lines in a Natural Beige from Flor

Outdoor Rugs

While most indoor rugs are not made to withstand harsh elements like moisture and heavy traffic, outdoor rugs are.There are now so many options for outdoor rugs and many of them look and feel as good as your typical indoor rug…so much so, that many companies now sell them as “indoor/outdoor rugs”.

Their benefits scream durability and washability. Commonly made with polypropylene, or a mix of durable natural and synthetic fibers, outdoor rugs are some of the most durable options for any space — especially moisture-prone spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Example of an outdoor / indoor rug that is in a hallway.Mcgee and Co

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